Landmarked Properties

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Landmark Properties in the City of Crystal Lake  

Colonel Palmer House 
660 E. Terra Cotta Ave. 
built 1858 

Hale House 
84 N. Walkup Ave. 
built 1905 

Van Natta House 
127 College St. 
built 1885/1906 

Collen House 
70 N. Caroline St. 
built 1904 

Lake Avenue Cemetery
459 Lake Ave. 
dedicated 1840 

Olson House 
87 Elmhurst St. 
built 1927 

Raue House 
25 W. Crystal Lake Avenue 
built 1901 

Andrew Pierson House 
263 King Street 
built circa 1882 

Columbus Wallace House 
36 North Virginia Avenue 
built circa 1851 

Van Natta House, South 
135 College Street 

Dole Mansion (Currently the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park)
401 County Club Road 

Peterson House 
200 W. Woodstock Street 

Arwin Bauer House     
86 Dole Avenue 

Bertram House
50 N. Caroline Street

El Tovar Theater (Currently the Raue Center for the Arts)
26 N. Williams Street