Andrew Pierson House

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Andrew Pierson House
263 King Street
Built circa 1882

The original 1840 Plat of Survey that first laid out the Village of Crystal Lake included eight streets and 138 lots. The Andrew Pierson House was built on one of them. The first structure on the property was a log cabin, the remnants of which can be found inside the existing home. The cabin was replaced circa 1882 with a Gothic Revival home featuring a prominent, steeply pitched front gable and ornate porch. In 1915, a significant addition to the front of the home in a less ornate vernacular style obscured the original design.

The 1915 addition to 263 King Street was the work of Andrew Pierson who was born in Sweden on July 16, 1864. He and a friend, Charles Ackmann, immigrated to the United States while still teenagers and found employment on Charles Teckler's farm in Crystal Lake. Andrew went on to work for millionaire Charles Dole who owned over a thousand acres around the south side of the lake. Andrew Pierson tended to Mr. Dole's thoroughbred stable and track. It was while working for Mr. Dole that Andrew met and married Swedish-born Emma Simonson in 1896. It was also around this time that 263 King Street became their residence.

Andrew Pierson left the Dole estate to work at the American Terra Cotta Company where he remained for forty years. He served the community as a trustee, alderman, and police marshal. He was also a charter member of the Odd Fellow Lodge and Vikings organization. Andrew Pierson passed away in June of 1956.

The Lane family purchased the Andrew Pierson house in the late 1990s with the intention of making some quick repairs and reselling, however, Mr. Lane soon became enamored with the history of the house. Restoration and renovations inside the house revealed clues to a storied past not immediately evident from the exterior. After several years of labor, the Lanes requested and were granted the City of Crystal Lake's Landmark Designation.