Unified Development Ordinance

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The City of Crystal Lake has adopted a collection of land development regulations and published them as our Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

A UDO is more than a collection of chapters from the zoning, subdivision, sign and tree preservation ordinances. Rather, the goal of consolidating the various ordinances into a UDO is to provide:

  • A single document rather than multiple, conflicting, ordinances.
  • A uniform set of consistent definitions.
  • Procedures that follow the normal sequences of development.
  • A coordinated system for development review and enforcement.

Click here to access a searchable, on-line version of the UDO.

Download pdfs of each article/section below: 

articles appendices
Table of Contents A-100 Virginia Street Corridor Guidelines
Preamble A-400 Access Management Manual
Article 1 Zoning Districts A-500 Standard Cross Sections for Street
Article 2 Land Use A-700 Pavement Design & Construction Details
Article 3 Density & Dimensional Standards A-800 Sidewalk Design & Construction Details  
Article 4 Development & Design Standards                         A-1000 Parking Standards              
Article 5 Subdivision Standards A-1100 Recommended Plant List
Article 6 Inclusionary Zoning A-1200 Parkway Tree Planting Regulations
Article 7 Non-conformities A-1300 Downtown District Map
Article 8 Reserved A-1400 Park and School Fees
Article 9 Administration A-1500 Fire/Rescue Capital Facility Fees
Article 10 Definitions A-1600 Easements
   A-1700 Thoroughfare Classification Map